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Subway Surfers Mod Apk is the best game that you can play on your mobile phone. The game is developed by Ketchapp and published by Ketchapp. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

If you want to play this game on your mobile phone, then you need to download the Subway Surfers Mod Apk from the link given below. You can also download the full version of this app from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

The Subway Surfers Mod Apk has been downloaded more than 100 million times from Google Play Store and Apple Store respectively. It has been rated 4.8 out of 5 on Google Play Store and 4 out of 5 on Apple Store respectively.

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In Subway Surfers Mod Apk, you will be playing as a character named Jake and you are supposed to run through various levels, collecting coins and completing missions. The controls of your character are very simple and there are only two buttons that you have to press in order to move left or right. You will also be able to collect coins as you play through various levels of Subway Surfers Mod Apk and these coins can be used in order to unlock new characters of Subway Surfers Mod Apk.


Subway Surfers is a popular endless running mobile game developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games. Here are some of the key features and elements of Subway Surfers:

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Endless Running: 

Subway Surfers is an endless runner game, which means the gameplay continues as long as the player can avoid obstacles and keep running.


The game offers a variety of playable characters, each with their unique abilities and attributes. Players can unlock new characters by collecting character tokens or purchasing them with in-game currency.

Running and Dodging: 

The main objective is to run along subway tracks, avoiding oncoming trains and other obstacles such as barriers, signboards, and tunnels. Players need to swipe left or right to change lanes, swipe up to jump, and swipe down to roll or slide under obstacles.

Power-Ups and Upgrades: 

Throughout the game, players can collect power-ups such as jetpacks, magnets, and hoverboards. These power-ups provide temporary advantages like speed boosts, coin attraction, and protection from crashes. Players can also use in-game currency to upgrade power-ups and increase their effectiveness.


In addition to power-ups, players can collect coins, tokens, and other items scattered along the tracks. Coins can be used to purchase power-ups, upgrades, and new characters, while tokens may unlock special events or rewards.

Missions and Challenges: 

Subway Surfers features daily missions and various challenges that provide additional objectives and rewards. Completing missions and challenges can earn players more coins, keys, or other bonuses.

World Tour and Themes: 

Subway Surfers frequently introduces new locations and themes through its World Tour feature. Players get to explore and run through cities around the world, each with its distinct visuals and obstacles.


The Subway Surfers Mod Apk has been downloaded by many people who have enjoyed playing it and are looking for another way to play it. The Subway Surfers Mod Apk has been modified into an unlimited money mod which allows players to get unlimited money so they can buy whatever they want without having to pay for it. This makes it easier for people who want to spend money on this game without having to worry about how much they are spending on it every month.

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How do I play Subway Surfers?

In Subway Surfers, you control a character running along subway tracks. Swipe left or right to change lanes, swipe up to jump, and swipe down to roll or slide. The goal is to avoid obstacles and collect coins and power-ups while running as far as possible.

How can I unlock new characters in Subway Surfers?

New characters can be unlocked by collecting character tokens or purchasing them with in-game currency. Character tokens are often found during gameplay or obtained through special events.

What are power-ups in Subway Surfers?

Power-ups are special abilities that give you advantages during gameplay. Some examples include jetpacks that let you fly over obstacles, magnets that attract nearby coins, and hoverboards that provide temporary invincibility.

How can I get more coins in Subway Surfers?

Coins can be collected while running or by completing missions and challenges. They can be used to purchase power-ups, upgrades, and unlock new characters.

What are keys used for in Subway Surfers?

Keys are a form of in-game currency that can be used to continue a run after crashing or to unlock special items. Keys can be obtained by finding them during gameplay or by purchasing them with real money.

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