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Socratic by Google Mod Apk is a free mobile app that helps students learn and teachers teach. It’s built on the same technology as Google Search, but with a focus on academic content and learning.

Socratic by Google Mod Apk is one of the best tools for students to get answers to their questions quickly and easily. The app uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to understand what you’re asking and gives you relevant and useful information back.

Socratic By Google Mod Apk


Socratic by Google Mod Apk helps learners find relevant and accurate content by using AI technology. The app can help users improve their research skills, discover new topics and perspectives, answer questions, understand difficult concepts, identify credible sources and more.

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Socratic by Google Mod Apk Features:

Answer Questions: 

Use AI technology to get an answer to your question from thousands of resources — including textbooks, encyclopedias, websites, articles, news sources and more. You can even ask follow-up questions if you need more information or want support with learning new concepts.

Learn New Topics: 

Find top videos on any topic right at your fingertips! Users can browse millions of videos created by teachers, experts or anyone else who wants to share their knowledge with others

Homework Help: 

Socratic offers homework assistance across a wide range of subjects, including math, science, history, English, and more. You can take a photo of a problem or type in a question, and the app provides step-by-step explanations and solutions.

AI-Powered Assistance: 

The app utilizes artificial intelligence technology to analyze and understand the questions or problems you submit. It then provides relevant resources, explanations, and examples to help you comprehend and solve the homework.

Concept Explanation: 

Socratic doesn’t just provide answers; it aims to help you understand the underlying concepts. The app breaks down complex topics into more digestible explanations, guiding you through the learning process.

Interactive Learning: 

Socratic incorporates interactive elements to engage users in the learning experience. It may include videos, interactive diagrams, and related educational content to reinforce understanding and provide additional context.

Subject Coverage: 

The app covers a wide range of subjects, including mathematics (algebra, calculus, geometry, etc.), science (biology, chemistry, physics), social sciences, English language arts, and more. It strives to provide support for a variety of academic disciplines.

Homework Organization: 

Socratic allows you to organize and keep track of your homework assignments within the app. You can create a to-do list, set reminders, and manage your assignments effectively.

Integrated Search: 

The app leverages Google’s search capabilities to find relevant online resources, educational websites, and trusted reference materials related to your questions or topics. This allows you to explore additional information beyond the provided explanations.

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Socratic by Google is an application that allows you to learn various subjects while you are on the go. You can watch videos, listen to audio lectures, and even take notes right on your phone. This app also comes with a built-in dictionary so that you will not have to look up words or phrases when you need them.

Socratic by Google is one of the best learning apps available for mobile devices today. It has a very user-friendly interface and it is designed to help you learn faster than ever before. This app will allow you to discover new things about yourself and your surroundings while at the same time helping you improve your overall knowledge base.


Q:What is Socratic by Google Mod Apk?

We are talking about a modified version of the original application. The modified version comes with the latest features and updates.

Q:Is it safe to use this app?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use this app. You do not need any special permissions to install or use it on your device.

Q:Can I download this app from Google Play Store?

No, you cannot download our Socratic by Google mod apk from the play store. But you can download it from our website and play it on your android device.

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