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Flutter Starlight Mod Apk is a great arcade game which you can enjoy with your friends. The goal of the game is to be the first to collect all the stars on your way to the portal.

Flutter Starlight Mod Apk is a very good arcade game that will make you happy. In this game, you will have to fly through space collecting as many stars as possible. You will be able to play this game on your Android device with Flutter Starlight Mod Apk.

The goal of this game is to get as many stars as possible while flying through space. You will have to avoid asteroids and other dangerous objects that are coming from time to time in order not to die in the middle of space or at least not die until you reach the portal where you have to finish this mission and get it over with!

Flutter Starlight Mod Apk


Flutter Starlight Mod Apk will have you flying through space in no time at all! You can choose from a wide variety of different ships, each with their own unique features and abilities. These include things like rapid fire weapons, shields, cloaking technology, and more! Along with these features, there are also many different planets that you can visit. These range from small rocky planets to huge gas giants with rings around them


Flutter Starlight Mod Apk is a very popular game among Android users because it offers them a great experience when playing it. The game has been developed by a team of experienced developers who have worked on many other games before. In this article we will tell you about some of its features:

– Unlimited gold

If you enjoy playing Flutter Starlight and would like to acquire more in-game currency, I would recommend exploring the game’s mechanics and features to find legitimate ways to earn gold. Often, games have various quests, challenges, or achievements that provide rewards.

– Unlimited diamonds

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– Unlimited energy

Energy systems in games are designed to balance gameplay and progression, and they often serve as a way to limit the amount of gameplay in a given period. I encourage you to play the game within its intended mechanics and explore ways to manage and replenish your energy efficiently.

Typically, energy replenishes over time or can be obtained through various in-game activities or rewards. Additionally, some games offer the option to purchase energy or items to replenish it with real money if you choose to do so.

– Unlimited coins

If you’re looking to acquire more coins in the game, I recommend exploring the game’s mechanics and features to find legitimate ways to earn them. Often, games offer various quests, challenges, or activities that provide opportunities to earn coins.

Additionally, some games offer the option to purchase coins with real money if you choose to do so. However, it’s important to spend within your means and consider your personal financial situation before making any in-game purchases.

Enjoy the game and have fun discovering the different ways to earn coins, but please play it fairly and respect the rules set by the developers and the gaming community.


Flutter Starlight is a relaxing simulation game developed by Runaway and available on mobile platforms. In the game, players take on the role of a caretaker for a magical space sanctuary filled with various species of colourful and unique butterflies.

The objective of Flutter Starlight is to attract and collect different species of butterflies by creating an ideal environment for them to thrive. Players can plant flowers, place decorations, and tend to the needs of the butterflies to ensure their happiness and growth.


Q1: How do I attract more butterflies to my sanctuary?
To attract more butterflies, you can plant a variety of flowers in your sanctuary. Different butterfly species are attracted to specific types of flowers, so try planting a diverse range of flowers to attract a wider variety of butterflies.

Q2: How do I take care of the butterflies?
Taking care of the butterflies involves tending to their needs, such as providing them with nectar, keeping their habitat clean, and ensuring they have enough space to roam. You can also fulfil specific requests or tasks from the butterflies to enhance their happiness.

Q3: How can I earn coins in the game?
You can earn coins in several ways, including completing quests and achievements, harvesting nectar from flowers, and selling butterflies. Additionally, visiting other players’ sanctuaries and interacting with their butterflies can also provide coin rewards.

Q4: What are the different regions in the game?
Flutter Starlight features various celestial regions that you can unlock and explore as you progress. These regions include the Moon, Sun, and Twilight, each with its own unique butterfly species and environment.

Q5: Are there any time-limited events or special activities in the game?
Yes, Flutter Starlight often features time-limited events and special activities that offer unique rewards and challenges. Keep an eye out for these events, as they provide opportunities to earn exclusive butterflies or decorations.

Q6: Can I customise and decorate my sanctuary?
Absolutely! Flutter Starlight allows you to customise and decorate your sanctuary with a variety of items and decorations. You can place flowers, trees, rocks, and other decorative elements to create a unique and beautiful environment for your butterflies.

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