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Fishdom Mod Apk is a popular arcade game, which has been released by the developer of this game. The main goal of this game is to help you manage and grow your own aquarium. This game has many different levels to play in, but there are also some special missions that you have to complete to get more points. You can also play with other people online, so it will be easier for you to find other players who want to compete against you.

Fishdom Mod Apk is a fun game that can be played by anyone. You don’t need any experience with playing games like this, because all of the controls are very simple, and they’re easy to understand. You’ll just need to tap on the screen, and then move your finger around in different directions until you see something that looks like an animal swimming around in your tank.

Fishdom Mod Apk


Fishdom is a casual puzzle game that brings you to the world of aquariums. Your goal is to take care of a fish tank, where you will need to manage an incredible amount of fish and keep them alive.

Your job is to feed them, teach them tricks, play with them and make sure that they have everything they need in order to be happy. In addition, you can decorate your aquarium with decorations and accessories.


Match-3 Puzzle Gameplay: 

Fishdom offers match-3 puzzle gameplay where players swap and match colorful tiles to create combinations. By completing these puzzles, players earn in-game currency and progress through the game.

Create Your Dream Aquarium: 

The game allows players to design and customize their own virtual aquariums. They can choose from a wide variety of fish, decorations, plants, and accessories to create a unique underwater environment.

Engaging Storyline: 

Fishdom incorporates a storyline that unfolds as players progress through the game. The story revolves around renovating and transforming neglected aquariums into vibrant and thriving underwater habitats.

Challenging Levels and Objectives: 

The game presents a series of challenging levels with specific objectives to complete. These objectives may include collecting a certain number of tiles, clearing obstacles, or achieving high scores within a given number of moves.

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Power-Ups and Boosters: 

Fishdom provides power-ups and boosters that can be utilized during gameplay to help players overcome difficult levels. These special items can clear multiple tiles, create explosive effects, or remove specific obstacles.

Fish Feeding and Care: 

Players have the responsibility of feeding and caring for their fish in the aquarium. By earning currency and completing tasks, players can buy food and decorations to keep their fish happy and healthy.

Social Interaction: 

Fishdom allows players to connect with their friends and compete with them in weekly tournaments or exchange gifts. This social element adds a competitive and cooperative aspect to the game.

Daily Rewards and Events: 

The game offers daily rewards for logging in and playing regularly. Additionally, special events and challenges are frequently introduced, providing players with opportunities to earn extra rewards and exclusive items.

In-Game Currency and Purchases: 

Fishdom features an in-game currency system that can be earned through gameplay or purchased with real money. The currency can be used to buy fish, decorations, and power-ups to enhance the aquarium experience.

Offline Play: 

Fishdom can be played offline, allowing players to enjoy the game even without an internet connection. However, certain features and online interactions may require an internet connection.


Fishdom Mod Apk is a completely free game, which has been developed by the well-known developers of quite a few games. The game is similar to other games of this type and also has some unique features that make it different from other games. The gameplay is very simple and you can easily understand it with just a couple of minutes

Fishdom Mod Apk is one of the best and most popular games in its category. In this game, you need to help your fish find their way through the maze and avoid all obstacles along the way. You will have to control your fish with your finger and make sure that he swims in the right direction as much as possible.


What is Fishdom?

Fishdom is a popular mobile puzzle game where players match and swap colorful tiles to create combinations and earn in-game currency. The currency can be used to design and customize virtual aquariums with fish, decorations, and accessories.

Which platforms is Fishdom available on?

Fishdom is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can find and download the game from the respective app stores for your device.

How do I play Fishdom?

In Fishdom, you solve match-3 puzzles by swapping adjacent tiles to create matches of three or more. Matched tiles are cleared from the board, and new tiles fall into place. The game includes specific objectives for each level, such as collecting certain types of tiles or achieving high scores within a limited number of moves.

Can I customize my aquarium in Fishdom?

Yes, Fishdom allows players to customize their aquariums with various fish, decorations, plants, and accessories. You can choose from a wide range of options to create a unique underwater environment.

How do I earn currency in Fishdom?

Currency in Fishdom can be earned by completing levels and puzzles. The amount of currency earned depends on your performance in the puzzles and the objectives you achieve. You can also receive currency as daily rewards or by participating in special events.

Are there social features in Fishdom?

Yes, Fishdom includes social features that allow you to connect with your friends. You can compete with them in weekly tournaments, exchange gifts, or visit their aquariums to interact with their fish and decorations.

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