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Clock Mod Apk is a very beautiful and awesome app for your mobile. This app has a huge collection of clocks and time displays that you can choose from.
You can use this clock to display the current time in various modes: analog, digital, 24 hours, 25 hours etc. It has many more options to choose from. There are also many other features like alarm clocks and stopwatch etc. This app has a very simple user interface so it’s easy to use it on your phone or tablet.


Clock Mod Apk is a simple, but very useful app for those who want to keep track of time. The app has many features, including the ability to set alarms, add photos and videos to your calendar, sync with Google services, and more.
While the app is free to download and use, it also offers several premium features that can be unlocked with in-app purchases. The premium version of the app removes ads from both the home screen and lock screen, allows you to set multiple alarms per day, allows you to change the time format on your device (e.g., 24 hour or 12 hour), and more.


Clock Mod Apk is a free clock widget app. You can change the time and date on your phone, or just have a beautiful clock to keep track of the time.
The app is designed for Android devices, but you can use it on iPhones too!
In addition to being able to customise your own clock, there are many different styles that you can choose from. You’ll be able to find something that suits your needs and tastes!

Set Up an Alarm

Set up an alarm on Clock Mod Apk. Set up an alarm on Clock Mod Apk.

1) Open the Clock app and tap the icon in the top left corner of your screen to open the Settings menu.

2) Tap Alarms & reminders.

3) Tap Create alarm.

4) Enter a name for your new alarm and tap Save.

5) Set up other alarms using these instructions

No Root Required

The “No Root Required” feature of Clock Mod APK means that the application can be installed and used on an Android device without the need for rooting the device. Rooting an Android device involves gaining superuser access to the device’s operating system, which can potentially void the device’s warranty and expose it to security risks.

Weather Information

The Clock Mod Apk is an app that shows you the weather for your current location. It can be used as a replacement for the Weather Channel or AccuWeather, but it also has some unique features which make it worth looking at.

The app provides detailed information about the current weather conditions, including temperature, humidity, and precipitation. You can also see what the current UV index is and see if there are any thunderstorms in the area.

Change the background colour

Then, the Clock Mod Apk is just what you need. With this mod, you can change the background color of your clock and make it more attractive and colorful.You can also set a new background image for your clock.
The Clock Mod Apk is 100% free and easy to use!

Enable/Disable the snooze button

The Clock Mod Apk enables or disables the snooze button on your phone. Snooze is a feature that allows you to set an alarm up to 30 minutes in advance, so you can get some rest before it goes off. It’s useful, but sometimes it’s difficult to remember to set it!
With this extension, you can easily turn off this feature and keep your alarms at their normal time.


We’re excited to show you our new Clock Mod Apk. This mod gives you the ability to change the time on your clock, and it’s completely free!

We’ve made this mod because we know how much you like to change things up when it comes to your phone. We want you to have a different experience every day of your life, and that includes the way your phone looks. You deserve it!

The Clock Mod Apk is easy enough for anyone in the community to use. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge or special skills, so you can use it right away whether you have a little bit of tech experience or none at all.


What is Clock Mod Apk?
Clock Mod Apk is a free application for Android. This application gives you the ability to create your own clock screen and make it look like an analog clock. You can also choose from thousands of colors, fonts, and other settings that can be used on your clock screens.
What are the features of this application?
Clock Mod Apk comes with many features that allow you to personalize your clock screen. You can create your own alarm clock using this application, or use one of the pre-made alarm clocks that come with the app. The app also allows you to customize the colors on your clock screen, so it will match the color scheme in your home.
Is it safe to download?
Yes, Clock Mod Apk is completely safe to download and install on your smartphone or tablet. It doesn’t contain any viruses or malware and is completely free from any malicious code.

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