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Big Bang Evolution Mod Apk is an exciting mobile game developed by Nanoo Company Inc. that combines elements of idle clicking and evolution simulation. Set in a colorful universe, players embark on an evolutionary journey, starting from the Big Bang and progressing through various stages of evolution, from single-celled organisms to advanced civilizations.

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The game begins with the cosmic explosion of the Big Bang, and players witness the birth of their first organism. As they progress, players must tap on the screen to collect stardust, the primary currency, which is used to upgrade their organisms and accelerate the evolutionary process. Each evolution stage unlocks new organisms, representing various species, and introduces unique gameplay elements.

The goal is to advance through different epochs of evolution, discover and collect all the organisms, and witness the fascinating transformation of life forms. The game offers a blend of casual tapping mechanics and strategic decision-making as players manage resources, upgrades, and evolution paths.


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Evolutionary Progression: Journey through different epochs, from the Big Bang to the present and beyond, evolving various life forms along the way.

Unique Organisms:Discover and collect a diverse range of organisms, each with its own distinct appearance and abilities.

Stardust Collection:Tap on the screen to collect stardust, the primary currency, and use it to upgrade organisms and progress faster.

Mutations: Experience the thrill of evolutionary mutations, which can lead to the emergence of new and more advanced life forms.

Prestige System: Reach milestones to unlock Prestige Points, which grant powerful bonuses to boost evolution further.

Mini-Games: Engage in mini-games that offer additional rewards and challenges.

Social Interaction: Connect with friends or other players, share progress, and compete on global leaderboards.


In conclusion, Big Bang Evolution Mod Apk is a captivating mobile game that brings together elements of evolution simulation and idle clicking in a visually appealing and enjoyable package. Players are taken on an exciting journey through time, starting from the cosmic explosion of the Big Bang and progressing through various stages of evolution, witnessing the transformation of life forms.


Is Big Bang Evolution Mod Apk available on all platforms? 

Big Bang Evolution is primarily a mobile game available on both Android and iOS platforms. You can find it on the respective app stores.

Is the game free to play? 

Yes, Big Bang Evolution is free to download and play. However, it may offer in-app purchases for optional items or to expedite progress.

How do mutations work in the game? 

Mutations occur randomly during the evolution process. They can lead to the creation of new and more advanced organisms, providing unique bonuses and abilities.

What are Prestige Points? 

Prestige Points are rewards obtained when reaching specific evolutionary milestones. They offer significant bonuses to enhance progress in subsequent playthroughs.

Can I play the game offline? 

Big Bang Evolution requires an internet connection to synchronize progress and access certain features. However, some gameplay aspects may be available offline.Embark on this thrilling evolutionary adventure, and witness the wonders of life’s development from the Big Bang to the modern era.

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