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it is 100% safe to use as there are no harmful apps or features in it that can harm your device or data. You can use it freely without any hesitation at all.
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Avast One Mod Apk is a premium antivirus app that provides protection against over 600 types of malware and spyware. 

The app has a free trial version, which allows you to download the app for free for 14 days but it can be used only on one device at a time. If you want to use it on multiple devices then you will have to buy it directly from the official website.

Avast One Mod Apk is an Android-based program that offers real-time protection from viruses and other dangerous threats. 

This app scans all your apps, files and memory cards for suspicious activity and alerts you about any issues found. It also lets you create custom rules for your device so that it will not allow any suspicious activities in future.

Avast One Mod Apk


Avast One Mod Apk is highly customizable, so if you want to customize its settings then go ahead and do it! You can set different alarms for different situations or even add new ones as well. You can also change the background color of the app and other things like this too!

Avast One Mod Apk is compatible with most devices including Android phones, tablets, laptops and computers etc.,

Avast One Mod Apk


Avast One has a built-in password manager that allows you to save all your passwords so they are safely stored on the app itself rather than in plain text somewhere on your phone or tablet. The main features of Avast Mod Apk are as follows.

Avast One Mod Apk

Antivirus Protection: 

Avast One provides robust antivirus protection to safeguard your devices against malware, viruses, ransomware, spyware, and other malicious threats. It regularly scans your system for potential infections and offers real-time protection while browsing the web or downloading files.


The software includes a firewall that monitors network traffic and helps block unauthorized access to your computer or network. It acts as a barrier between your device and potential threats, preventing malicious entities from gaining access to your sensitive information.

Web Protection: 

Avast One offers web protection to keep you safe while browsing the internet. It blocks malicious websites, phishing attempts, and fraudulent content, ensuring that you can surf the web securely.

Email Protection: 

The software scans your incoming and outgoing emails to detect and block any suspicious attachments or links that may contain malware or phishing attempts. This helps protect your inbox from potential threats and keeps your email communications secure.

Identity Protection: 

Avast One includes features to protect your identity and personal information. It offers a password manager to securely store your passwords and generate strong, unique passwords for your online accounts. It also provides a secure browser for safe online transactions and shields your sensitive data from being accessed by unauthorized individuals.

Privacy Protection: 

The software helps protect your privacy by offering features such as webcam and microphone protection. It notifies you whenever an application attempts to access these devices, giving you control over your privacy settings.

VPN (Virtual Private Network): 

Avast One provides a VPN service to encrypt your internet connection and protect your online activities. It allows you to browse the web anonymously, access geo-restricted content, and secure your connection while using public Wi-Fi networks.

Performance Optimization: 

The software includes tools to optimize the performance of your device. It helps remove junk files, clean up your system, and improve overall system speed and performance.

Parental Controls: 

Avast One offers parental control features that allow you to monitor and control your child’s online activities. You can set limits on screen time, block inappropriate content, and track their online behavior to ensure a safer digital experience for your family.

Cross-Platform Support: 

Avast One is available for various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It offers consistent protection across all your devices, allowing you to secure your digital presence regardless of the platform you use.


In conclusion, Avast One is a comprehensive cybersecurity software suite that offers a wide range of features to protect your devices and data from online threats. With its antivirus protection, firewall, web protection, and email protection, it helps safeguard your system from malware, viruses, phishing attempts, and other malicious activities. 

The identity protection features, including the password manager and secure browser, enhance your privacy and secure your sensitive information. The VPN service adds an extra layer of protection by encrypting your internet connection and allowing you to browse the web anonymously. 

Avast One Mod Apk



What is Avast One Mod Apk?

Avast One Mod Apk is a modified version of the official app by Avast that allows you to use additional features and tools in it. The app has been modified to add more features, which can be downloaded from the internet. This modded version of the app has a lot of advantages over the original one.

Is Avast One Mod Apk safe to use?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use as there are no harmful apps or features in it that can harm your device or data. You can use it freely without any hesitation at all.

Can I jailbreak my device for using this modded version of Avast One?

No, you cannot jailbreak your device for using this modded version of Avast One because it will not work on your device with a jailbroken firmware installed on your device.

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