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AppLock MOD APK is a popular mobile application designed to enhance privacy and security on smartphones and tablets. It enables users to protect their personal data, apps, and sensitive information from unauthorized access by setting up locks, such as PINs, passwords, patterns, or fingerprint scans. The primary goal of AppLock is to provide an additional layer of security, especially when sharing devices with others or to prevent unauthorized access in case of theft or loss.


AppLock MOD APK offers a straightforward and user-friendly interface that allows users to select specific applications they wish to secure. Once chosen, users can set up their preferred lock method to protect these apps. The app supports a variety of lock types, making it flexible for users to choose the one that suits them best.

Beyond protecting individual apps, AppLock may also provide additional features such as:

Photo and Video Vault: This feature allows users to hide personal photos and videos in a secure vault, protected by AppLock’s locks.

Intruder Detection: AppLock can capture photos or record videos of intruders who attempt to break into protected apps with incorrect passwords or patterns.

Time-Based Locks: Users can set up time-based locks to automatically activate or deactivate AppLock during specified periods.

Hide App Icon: AppLock can hide its own icon from the app drawer, adding an extra layer of obscurity and security.

Advanced Lock Options: In addition to PINs, passwords, patterns, and fingerprints, some versions of AppLock support more advanced lock options like Face Unlock or even voice-based locks.


App Protection: 

Secure individual apps using PINs, passwords, patterns, or biometric methods.

Gallery Lock: 

Safely hide personal photos and videos from prying eyes.

Intruder Selfie: 

Capture photos of intruders who try to unlock protected apps without authorization.

Time Lock: 

Set specific times during which AppLock will be active or inactive.

Hide AppLock: 

Keep the existence of AppLock hidden from the app drawer to prevent unauthorized users from tampering with it.


Customize the appearance of AppLock with various themes.

Random Keyboard: 

Randomize the keyboard layout to prevent password guessing.

Powerful and Lightweight: AppLock is designed to be efficient and consume minimal system resources.


AppLock MOD APK is a valuable tool for anyone concerned about maintaining privacy and security on their mobile devices. It offers a simple yet effective way to protect sensitive apps and personal data from unauthorized access. With its various lock options and additional features like gallery lock and intruder detection, AppLock provides users with a comprehensive solution for safeguarding their private information.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Is AppLock available for both Android and iOS?

AppLock MOD APK is primarily available for Android devices, but there might be similar apps with similar functionality on iOS.

What happens if I forget the password for AppLock?

Most AppLock MOD APK versions have a password recovery option. If you forget the password, you can often reset it through your registered email or security questions.

Can AppLock protect system settings or phone calls?

AppLock MOD APK generally focuses on protecting user-installed applications. It might not provide direct protection for system settings or phone calls.

Is AppLock completely foolproof against hackers?

While AppLock adds a significant layer of security, no app can be considered entirely foolproof. It’s essential to use strong and unique passwords and keep your device updated with the latest security patches.

Can I uninstall AppLock without unlocking protected apps?

To ensure security, AppLock often requires you to enter your password before uninstallation. This prevents unauthorized users from easily removing the app to gain access to protected apps.

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